Yoggitr Soth
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Status: Egg (Reawakening)
Origin: Runes of Havok
Realms: Madness, Knowledge, Secrets
Allignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity Data
Other Names: The Living Sea, The Black Sea, The Abyss
Allies: N/A
Follows: Unalligned
Avatars/Forms: The Emissary, The Ambassador
Followers: Drow, Duergar, some Sverfneblin
Historic Data
Historic or Mythical Actions: Involved in the ritual disappearances of the 3 primary Drow villages or townships every four centuries
Motivations: Unknown
Conflicts Involved: Unknown
Enemies: N/A
Known Blessings
Known Curses

Yoggitr-Soth is the primary deity worshiped by those who live in Charnag K'lar. It was first mentioned in the Runes of Havok podcast.


"I feel the pulse of the world, deep beneath her crust. It is maddening."

~ Lord Ajit Sura


Yoggitr-Soth is one of the younger lesser deities of Exil, yet little is known of its origin.

Historic Worship

Worship of Yoggitr-Soth dates back thousands of years, though the beginning of Yoggitr-Soth worship is difficult to accurately place. Worshipers claim that Yoggitr-Soth lives within the crust of the earth, molding not only the surface, but the souls of those who live upon it.


Few have observed the rituals to Yoggitr-Soth. What writings there are on the subject are limited. The writings that do exist are gathered from expeditions into Charnag K'lar. Over the course of a month, researchers at the Black Sea observed several elderly worshipers leap into the lake as offerings to Yoggitr-Soth. This was believed to be a common practice as many towns built around the lake seemingly had large enough populations to "sustain" the lake forever. However, according to researchers, there was one particular incident in which 3 observable villages, all with primarily Drow populations, cast their entire populations into the lake, providing an excellent chance for surface researchers to gain some insight on K'larite culture.


"And we shall be one with the deep in the Great Living Sea."

~ A passage from ancient K'larite Drow scripture


Yoggitr-Soth has been depicted in largely the same way in many historic works of writing and art. A majority of works depict it as a vast glassy lake in a seemingly unending cavern. The water of the lake is a charcoal black, though some depictions show shimmering lights within the waters. Scholars believe this to be the the Black Sea, an underground lake somewhere on Exil. Several assorted, lesser-known depictions paint a far more horrifying picture of what Yoggitr-Soth may look like; these works portray it as an immense mass of dark flesh, covered in writhing limbs, faces, and tentacles floating against a black background and surrounded by smaller masses of flesh and various multicolored spheres of light.


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