Writer's Guide
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Page still under construction.

Any suggestions? Drop a PM to either ExistentialGrey89ExistentialGrey89 (WM-CF) or Reverend FoxReverend Fox (AD-TL).
We always love to read your feedback and suggestions!

Skill Level

  • We prefer our writing members to have a writing skill level of, at least, that of a College Freshman who has taken English 101.
    • This doesn't mean that you have to have taken ENG101, but have at least the skill and knowledge to write at that level.
    • This helps us maintain a high level of quality.
  • If you feel that you can't write at this level, or have trouble with it, then utilize our Review and Critique Staff from the Wiki Moderators or extend an offer to collaborate with the other writers here in our community!

Keep in Mind…

  • Not all articles will succeed. This is not to say that your writing will be bad, however! It's to say that, while we strive for quality in our writing, it is a collaborative writing group who votes and critiques works on the site.
    • Remember, even Ed Greenwood has written some flops in his long career!
    • If your work gets rejected or deleted, that just gives you the chance to rework it and make it better! Collaborate with other writers on the site! Be creative!
    • Sometimes, however, it is best to let an idea go for a while and work on new things. Come back to it later and improve upon it.
  • Please see our Deletions Policy for more information.

Article Tone

  • We here at the Havok RP Group prefer to write our articles in a relatively professional tone, keeping in mind the guidelines set out for Wikipedia itself. You can find a short summary here!

Canonical Accuracy

  • We strive constantly to preserve the consistency of our Canon.
    • Please try your best to go through the other pages and fit your article into our Canon.
      • Caveat: If you wish to change canon or devise headcannon, please do so on a fan page which is clearly labeled.
    • We accept new NPCs and locations.
      • Again, as long as the NPC or location fits into Canon, it'll be reviewed and considered for inclusion.
    • If you have questions about Canon, drop a line to either ExistentialGrey89ExistentialGrey89 or Reverend FoxReverend Fox. Either one will be more than happy to discuss non-spoiler Canon with you!


We love the idea of writing stories and building worlds together as a collaborative effort, which is why we have the Community Created Content hub. This exists so you can have a place to put your stories and other ideas.

  • Almost all works of fantasy fiction are accepted and appreciated. I mean, hell, that's essentially what we're doing here, right? Right?
    • We're not too fond of erotic Fan Fiction, but we're not going to say, "NO, you can't write that!"
      • As long as it is clearly marked NSFW, it's all good!
      • First part of the passcode: "I will"
  • If you do decide to write a tale involving a pre-existing character, you must gain permission from:
    • The author, creator, or player of that character.
    • In the case the above-mentioned is no longer a part of the site (or ignores your request for an extended amount of time), then contact the Wiki Moderators to discuss approval.

Have a completed draft?

  • All drafts must be submitted for critique and given a full review by our friendly Wiki Moderators before it can be posted.
  • Please post your draft in the Drafts/Critiques section of our Forums.


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