Rules for Posting on the Wiki
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Rule #1:
Wheaton's Law
"Don't be a dick!"


Forum Rules are in affect here as well as the following.

Getting Feedback

  • Before publishing an article to the main site, please create a sandbox page for yourself to write your drafts here at the HRPG Sandbox!
  • After writing your draft, follow the instructions on the sandbox frontpage on where to post your draft for review and critique.
  • Once a page gets fully reviewed and critiqued by our friendly Critique Team, you are free to post your page/article in the proper place.
  • Also, keep in mind that you will not be banned for simply writing shitty articles, voting, having a respectful disagreement with others, or even having a different viewpoint!


  • Maturity and Arguments: You're allowed to question the actions and responses of others, including staff, as long as you can do so maturely.
  • Posting: Please don't spam the site with shitposting (no content posts), shitty articles, and coldposting (dropping an unfinished work or otherwise uncritiqued draft).
  • Commenting: You are free to comment on pages and articles as you see fit. Trolling and personal attacks will not be tolerated.
  • Critiquing: If you want to independently critique someone's work, you must follow our Criticism Policy. Trolling and personal attacks will not be tolerated.
  • Voting: You are free to vote on pages and articles as you see fit. However, please do so based only on the quality of the content. Don't vote purely on whether you like the author or not. Trying to persuade others to vote on articles for reasons other than their content is considered malicious behavior, and will not be tolerated.
    • Upvoting your own article: Don't do this. It makes you seem like an asshole.
    • Downvoting your own article: Don't do this. Self-deprication gets you nowhere.
  • Plagiarism: This will get your article deleted without a grace period. Your membership will be Revoked, you will be Banned, and you will be reported to WikiDot Staff.


  • Overuse of Vulgarity: As this site does deal with some pretty heavy mature content, we permit the use of vulgar language to a degree. However, it is not a place to, for no reason, spam vulgarities. The site must be kept to a high PG-13.
  • Outright Attacks: We understand that not everyone will get along. However, if that be the case, then we prefer a non-interaction policy be put into play.
    • We will remove any content that is deemed attacking, demeaning, harassing, etc to another user.
  • Usage of Other Writers' Content: We encourage collaboration here. It's what the entire project is built on!
    • If you wish to use content (including locations, characters, unique items, etc.) that another writer has created, ask for their permission. If they say no, then let the question go.
    • If someone else has used your work without permission, please report it to a Staff Member. We do not stand for plagiarism here.


  • Responding to Edits: You are free to undo edits to your own article as you see fit. However, please do not edit or remove tags added by staff.
  • Editing other articles: You may make minor edits to SPaG. Please, always fill out the "Short Description of Changes" box. Major Edits1 require permission to be obtained from the original author or staff.

[The rules above were adapted from the SCP Foundation's Site Rules.]

Interacting With Staff

  • Staff Requests: If a staff member asks you to change something about your behavior, or to temporarily stop making certain kinds of posts, please do so. This may take the form of Staff Posts replying to you in the forums; this means that you have the responsibility of returning to recent conversations (or checking Recent Forum Posts) to find out if staff are trying to give you pertinent instructions.
  • Ended Discussions: If a staff member ends a discussion, it is over. Do not try to get the final word in; just stop.
  • Staff Decisions/Appealing: Respect Staff decisions, even if you disagree with them. If you feel you are being treated unfairly, please appeal to a different staff member. If the situation is found fair, do not continue to appeal to other staff members in hopes of getting a different response.

This quote box was lifted more or less directly from the aforementioned page.

Writing Guides

  • Writer's Guide
    • Here, you will find basic guide for writing Wiki articles for our site [and others, these skills can transfer].
  • Wikidot Syntax
    • Here, you will learn the basic syntax for formatting.


More Information

  • For more information, be sure to visit the Wiki Moderators page!
    • You can contact the Team Leader directly!


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