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{Varin Samesh}
Player: GeodogsixGeodogsix (FM-TL)
Origin: Runes of Havok
Archetype: Cleric of Death
Experience Level: Cleric 6
Personal Data
Real Name: {Varok Samesh}
Known Aliases: {$aliases}
Species: {$species}
Gender: {male}
Age: {21}
Height: {6' 4"}
Weight: {180 ib.}
Hair Colour: {grey while his fur is snow white,}
Eye Colour: {crimson red}
Biographical Data
Nationality: {$nationality}
Occupation: {Cleric of Yllanda}
Place of Birth: {$birthplace}
Base of Operations: {$hometown}
Marital Status: {$marital}
Known Relatives: {$relatives}
Known Powers
Known Abilities



"Why fear the beauty of death? It is the beauty that can only truly be experienced once."
~ Varin Samesh

Early Life

Varin was born to a family of farmers. He was raised from a hard life even from the day he was born. The snow and ice that came just a few years before he was born made it hard to live and grow crops on the farm. From the day he was able to pick up a tool, he was taught how to tend and care for the fields so his family could at least have something to harvest. Once he became of age, he was drafted into service of the militia. While during his training in which he worked with the same commitment that he had while he was working on his families farm. Through his training he was taught the importance of defense over offense.Nearing the end of his training it was common to have training bouts ton create good comradery between the troops but during the bout between two new younglings one had lost control of his anger and had gone to that of a wild beast he had gone into Y'ktra. in the end young Varin decide to intervene in the ensuing combat to which as he defended the already injure youngling he had turned his back to the out of control attacker a mistake that cost him dearly. The child was saved but at the cost of varins arm and almost his life, Though injured and disabled a cleric of Yllanda took pity on him and offered him to Yllanda. To the surprise of the cleric he was accepted as a cleric of Yllanda with this giving him a new charcoal black arm bound to her faith to which he always has to wear the symbol upon his arm to allow him to move it freely.

Leaving Home

While Varin was devoted to his clan, the incident that had claimed his right arm brought a whole new world to light. While he was granted an arm my the mercy of Lady Yllanda, he thought that going on with life without serving Her would be pointless, and so he dedicated his life to serving Her. After a few months of being lost in thought, he decided it would be beneficial to him to leave his clan and his old life to pursue the life of a holy man.


I mean, hey. Isn't it all obvious?


"Damn Human wizards!"
~ Varyn


Favored Weapon

Varin favors his warhammer that he obtained the year he was given the right to become a cleric of Yllanda.

Favored Enemy


Arch Enemy

Aryll Meeris Krau


Two holy symbols that he keeps in a small golden box.


Miscellaneous Info

While Varyn isn't really known for having allies, he has the ability granted to him by Yllanda to summon a small fox made of fire that seems to have its own personality, and though it can normally be seen when Varyn is around fire, it is an elemental created by Yllanda to keep Varyn calm and focused on his task.


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