Human (Umchek)
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Human (Umchek)
Origin: Runes of Havok
Type: Humanoid
Homeland: Umchek Confederacy, Everfrost
Requires pXP? [y/n]: N
Racial Data
Other Names: Horse people, horse tribals, northern savages
Sub-species: {$subspecies}
Genders: Male/Female
Average Lifespan: 80-90 years
Average Adult Height: 6'5-6'8
Average Adult Weight: 250-300 lbs.
Hair Colours: Black, auburn, brown
Eye Colours: brown (common), green (common), hazel (uncommon), crimson (uncommon), silver (rare)
Racial Traits
Natural Strengths: {$strengths}
Natural Weaknesses: {$weaknesses}
Birth Type?: Live
Family Type?: Clans
Known Powers
Known Abilities

The Umchek are the horseback riders of the northern wilds of Everfrost.

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