Professor Reinhardt MacGuffin
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Biological Info

  • Born: 18 October 1995, Military research lab, Mojave Desert
  • Current Residence: A dimensionally transcendent cardboard box in the HRPG office
  • Height: Somewhere between 6'4 and 12'6
  • Weight: Worth it in gold
  • Eyes: Hazel1
  • Hair: Brown2

Biographical Info

  • Alias(es): The Professor, Doc, O' Handsome One3
  • Belief: Roman Catholic
  • Employed: Classified
  • Favorite Food: Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches
  • Handedness: Third retractable, spring-loaded, wrist-based hand4
  • Marital Status: Disgruntled

Gaming History:

The Professor has spent an immense amount of time gaming, primarily with games on PC and a small number of Nintendo systems. His first games included but were not limited to Starcraft5, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Spore, Super Mario Advance, and a kinda weird Looney Tunes game for the GameBoy Advance he has no recollection of receiving. In his tween years, the Professor really got into PC games when he downloaded steam. After a few play-throughs of some popular RPGs6 the Professor decided that the RPG would be his new favorite video game category.

Roleplaying History:

The Professor started basic role-playing in the various RP gamemodes on Starcraft. He eventually moved on to forum role-playing, and soon after that, Garry's Mod role-playing. The Professor still visits an on/off Clockwork Half-Life 2 RP server and takes great pleasure from messing around on DarkRP servers7. The Professor started tabletop role-playing by improvising a terrible 4th edition D&D game with some friends. He played an Illithid necromancer who successfully seduced a god. When the Professor began attending college, he met DM Havok and was invited to join HRPG.


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