Tech Rig
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As the man said, "Use what you got and don't borrow trouble!"

"Thinking back to the early days of the Havok RP Group, I remember setting up a pair of laptops that I had at the time to run the MapTools software. One laptop was Windows 7, and the other was Ubuntu 12.10. I rigged one of the laptops up to a monitor and set it out on the table and set a mouse out there as well to act as, basically, the players' map!

"When we decided to start recording our games, we were using a Blue SnowBall, but it wasn't picking up everyone's voices clearly enough, and so we decided it would be best to get a new mic. The new mic is a Blue Yeti. Quality's okay, and it's got great range.

"That's really about it for our hardware. I think I left out the speakers, WiFi router, and all the unimportant shit like wires and cables, but that should give you a decent enough overview of our recording and gaming equipment."

~ Reverend FoxReverend Fox — Exerpt from Audio Log entitled "Setting up the site, Log 3, 'Software, Hardware, and Coding, OH FUCK!'" Dated 28 June 2016


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