Tarl Frenrir
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Tarl on a good day!
Player: eNPC
Origin: Runes of Havok
Archetype: Chosen One (Felorin Kashmir)
Experience Level: Cleric 17/Bard 15
Personal Data
Real Name: Tarl Enintharm Frenrir
Known Aliases: Wanderer
Race: Om Shiret
Gender: Male
Age: 47
Height: 3' 2"
Weight: 46lbs
Hair Colour: Green
Eye Colour: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: Pralibaenite
Occupation: Wandering Priest
Place of Birth: Ershul, Pralibaen, Tirovona
Date of Birth: 26 Alayim, 1207
Base of Operations: Korinth, Aubergine Kingdom, Tirovona
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Currently enslaved or dead.
Known Powers
Bardic and Divine Magics
Known Abilities
Desert Flute,
Frostblade [Dagger],

Tarl Frenrir


"I'm here, godsdamnit! And I do, if I missed that!"
~ Tarl, being late to his own wedding.

Early Life

Tarl grew up in Ershul, the third largest city in Pralibaen. He and his six siblings had to fend for themselves, as their mother was the county's High Priestess and Oracle. His father was killed in a battle while Tarl was a youngling. Tarl, at this time, assumed the role as provider after his father's death and moved his siblings to the harbor city of Ausrel.

Leaving Home

After moving himself and his siblings to Ausrel, Tarl attended the Bard's College and rose through the ranks quickly due to his many natural talents. After his time at the Bard's College, he took a position at the Temple of Kashmir as a Minstrel. He maintained this position, continuing to support his siblings for three years until the Temple Clerics noticed that he had a certain curiosity toward their practices and rituals. They offered him a position as a Priest. Again, Tarl excelled at his studies and rose through the ranks until the High Priest experienced a sudden and mysterious fate. Tarl was promoted to the position of High Priest.

During his time as a High Priest, Tarl had come under the direct tutelage of Felorin Kashmir himself, a privelege not given for over six hundred years, to become His Chosen One.


As Felorin's Chosen One, Tarl's siblings were well taken care of by the Temple whilst he embarked on many strange and wonderful quests. He saw parts of Exil that most from his home continent could only imagine. During this time, Tarl met Nadzieja Anastazja and fell in love with her almost instantly. They were married within the year, and had two children; Nelu Valerian, a male, and Marilena Mirela, a female.

Four years later, while away on official business, bandits had raided his home. The bandits captured Nadzieja, Nelu, and Marilena and waited for Tarl to arrive. Read the full story here. For two years after, he wandered aimlessly, just following requests and orders from Felorin, but not really knowing why or even caring. However, after that two years, he found out more about his family's whereabouts and vowed to find them again.

That was when he met and teamed up with Willithur, the demi-immortal cart driver. Will offered to help Tarl to find his wife and son for as long as he could. Seven months later, he and Will were hired for a job to bring a party of adventurers from Bagraanem to Serel.


"Eh, craps!"
~ Tarl's catchphrase.

Tarl has a tendency to be quite blunt with people, especially those he feels comfortable around. He speaks his mind in as short a manner as possible as to allow others to weigh in on his opinions. This often earns him a reputation for being quick-tempered.

He always has the best intentions at heart, really just wants what's best for his friends and family, and would never intentionally work against his teammates.


Tarl is almost always seen enjoying a smokestick or playing his Desert Flute. Sometimes, if he is heavily influenced by stress, he will do both simultaneously. If not doing anything important, he can usually be found working with his favorite Alchemy Tools which he received as a gift from the King of Oathvale for performing the music of Pralibaen for the Paladins of the Oath. If he can't work with the Alchemy Tools, he keeps his woodcarving skills polished.


Tarl is often overconfident in his skills. Even though he has many natural talents, he still has a tendency to underthink what he's preparing to attempt. He also has this strange habit of falling out of windows and landing face down.

Favored Weapon

Desert Flute
Attack Bonus +9
Damage 2d10+4 B
Material Steel/Wood
Properties Versatile - 2d12+6 B
Magics of Chaos

During his twenty-fourth year of life, Tarl was granted his signature weapon, the Desert Flute; a six-foot Didgeridoo-like instrument carved from a branch of the tallest tree in Trothar and imbued with strange magics. Carved into it at a one-foot interval is a repeated pattern that resembles Celtic Knots interwoven around diamonds, a representation of Felorin Kashmir's holy symbol.

Favored Enemy

Undead / Horrors

Arch Enemy

Hah, spoliers.


Miscellaneous Info


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