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All F.O.S.S.!

FOSS = Free and Open Source Software


"We shouldn't have to pay for things that are useful when so many amazing developers create software that often vastly outperforms even the most expensive proprietary shit!

"For example, why pay upwards of $1,300 for 3D software like Maya or 3D Studio Max when a FOSS like Blender can do all the same things much more efficiently? There's also the added benefit of it being Open-Fucking-Source! Meaning that if there's a feature that I need, and someone else hasn't created a patch for it, I can go in there and code it into the source myself!

"The further added benefit is flexibility. All of these programs work together in some way. If I'm working in Blender, animating a giant rolling d20, and I add a triggered sound effect whenever the thing bounces off the surface — well, maybe it doesn't sound quite right every time. I then export the file to Audacity, fuck about with it, and import it right back into Blender! Try that on proprietary software, and you'd have the ever-present issue of incompatibility, bitrate errors, a chance that the attempt will summon Baphomet, and so on.

"Finally, and here's probably the best point, because we support the Open Source Movement. We don't pay for proprietary software because we don't fucking need it. We are in a time where independent software developers are popping right outta nowhere, smacking us in the face, and showing us much better options."

~ Reverend FoxReverend Fox — Exerpt from Audio Log entitled "Setting up the site, Log 3, 'Software, Hardware, and Coding, OH FUCK!'" Dated 28 June 2016

  • For video editing and other cool shit.
  • For recording audio and other cool shit.
  • For editing images and other cool shit.
  • For creating and editing documents and other cool shit.
  • For mapping and making tokens and other cool shit.
  • For making music and other cool shit.
  • For making sound at the table and other cool shit.


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