Runes Of Havok
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The world of the Runes of Havok Campaign Setting is, for the most part, your average D&D world with a few twists and custom rules.


See RoH:EC Characters for the characters from Runes of Havok: Exil Chronicles.

Custom Races

Om Shiret

A Fox-like Anthropomorphic race native to Exil. Om Shiret tend to be around 3' to 4' tall and usually have a tail length of roughly 2.5' to 3' long. They are quite dexterous but slightly weak and generally work best as Rogues, Rangers, and Monks.


A Wolf-like Anthropomorphic race native to Exil. The Shanm't range in height from 5'6" to 6'6" tall and, depending on their species, may even reach 7'6". They are strong and not very dextrous and work best as Fighters and Barbarians.



Prime Deities

  • Quhirmn — The "Unknown God."
    • Quhirmn is the God of Knowledge and Time.
    • Clerics tend to have powers relating to:
      • Divination
      • Illusion
      • Conjuration
  • Yllanda Duskwalker — The "Sister of Life."
    • Yllanda is the Goddess of Life and one half of the Cycle of Life and Death.
    • Worshiped on Exil for at least ninety-thousand years.
      • This, quite possibly, makes Her the youngest Prime Deity of Exil.
    • Clerics tend to have powers relating to:
      • Light
      • Healing
      • Life/Death
      • Fire
  • Karna Lykourgos — The "Sister of Death."
    • Karna is the Goddess of Death and one half of the Cycle of Life and Death.
    • Clerics must be of the Death domain and must choose their powers thusly.
  • Zanward Mineshadow — The "Bringer of Conflict."
    • Zanward is the Goddess of War and the Eternal Conflict.
    • Clerics tend to have powers relating to:
      • Darkness
      • Ice/Frost
      • Conjuration
      • War Magics
  • Ilia T'Ro — The "Keeper of Secrets."
    • Ilia is the Gnomish God of the art of Tinkering1.
    • Clerics tend to have powers relating to:
      • Illusion
      • Alteration
  • Rethis — The "Blade of Justice."
    • Rethis is the God of Justice and Truth.
    • Clerics tend to have powers relating to:
      • Divination
      • Abjuration
  • Prija Skanda — The "Alchemist."
    • Prija Skanda is considered by historians to be the Bringer of Fire2.
    • She is the Goddess of Alchemy and Transmutation.
    • Clerics tend to have powers relating to:
      • Enchantment
      • Transmutation
      • Ice/Frost
    • Clerics also gain an increased knowledge of Alchemy.
  • Ru'Shek Mid — The "Spirit of the Ground."
    • Ru'Shek is the Goddess of Mining, the Underground, and the Forge.
    • She is still worshiped by many Duergar.
    • Clerics tend to have powers relating to:
      • Divination
      • Evocation
  • Kirilis Vladis — The "Balanced Scales."
    • Kirilis is the Goddess of the Neutrality of Law.
    • She is worshipped mostly by those who enforce the law.
    • Clerics must choose only from the following powers:
      • Abjuration
      • Divination
      • Evocation (Healing only)
  • Erwann Gaël — The "Paladin's Shield."
    • Erwann is the God of Goodness and Righteousness
    • He is worshiped by many Paladins, especially those who lead.
    • Clerics tend to have powers relating to:
      • Evocation
      • Abjuration
      • War Magics
  • Ferdinand Jere Takala — The "Merchant's God."
    • Ferdinand is the God of Trade and Commerce
    • He is worshiped primarily by merchants and business people.
    • Clerics tend to have powers relating to:
      • Divination
      • Enchantment
      • Illusion
  • D'rik Rabbitdancer — The "Bringer of Celebration."
    • D'rik is the Halflings' God
    • Clerics tend to have powers relating to:
      • Enchantment
      • Illusion

Lesser Deities

  • Felorin Kashmir — A Lesser Deity who acts as a free agent and messenger between the gods.
  • Yoggitr-Soth — A Lesser Deity of the madness sphere whose power and influence are growing.
  • Tletl — A dead god, murdered by his caretaker, Zanward Mineshadow. Temples in Everfrost are attempting to resurrect him.
  • Jannu Amuul — A Lesser Deity who acts as an intermediary between the seasons.
  • Hrodger Theudemar — A Lesser Deity who serves as the speaker of the Primes.
  • Stocteve Vysem Caeba — The Lesser Deity of fertility.
  • Ghinikhag Afuh Miadiza — The Lesser Deity of Gnomish ingenuity.
  • Yd'Gar — The Lesser Deity of Messengers.

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Tirovona is the largest continent on Exil. It is home to the Runes of Havok game setting.

Aubergine Kingdom

  • Capital: Korinthas
  • Primary Race: Human
  • Population: 7.3 million
  • Primary Religion: Mixed worship of Primes and Lesser Deities


  • Capital: Ausrel
  • Primary Race: Mixed
  • Population: 5.6 million
  • Primary Religion: Ancestor Worship


  • Capital: Whitebridge
  • Primary Race: Mixed
  • Population: 7.3 million
  • Primary Religion: Prime Worship

Miralia, the Independent Northlands

  • Capital: Riverhollow
  • Primary Race: Mixed
  • Population: 3.6 million
  • Primary Religion: Mixed

Charnag K'lar

  • Capital:
  • Primary Race: Drow
  • Population: ~ 1 million
  • Primary Religion: Unknown


Everfrost is an ancient continent believed to be one of the more recently inhabited continents on Exil.

The Kingdom of Akril

  • Capital: Akril
  • Primary Race: Human
  • Population: 5.8 million
  • Primary Religion:


  • Capital: Padstow Keep
  • Primary Race: Human
  • Population: 6 million
  • Primary Religion: Tletlism


  • Capital: Ei'kel
  • Primary Race: Aen
  • Population: Unknown
  • Primary Religion: Unknown


  • Capital: Anar
  • Primary Race: Elf/Human
  • Population: 3.4 million
  • Primary Religion:

Umchek Confederacy

  • Capital: майхан
  • Primary Race: Umchek Human
  • Population: 47 thousand
  • Primary Religion: Unknown Shamanism

The Titan Vale

  • Capital: Unknown
  • Primary Race: Unknown
  • Population: Unknown
  • Primary Religion: Unknown

Tolgalen di Oseari


  • Capital: Platohol City
  • Primary Race: Tiefling
  • Population: 2.2 million
  • Primary Religion:

Cursefate Cove

  • Capital: Cursefate Village
  • Primary Race: Half-Elf/Dwarf
  • Population: 104
  • Primary Religion: Mixed


  • Capital: Ner
  • Primary Race: None (Extinct)
  • Population: None (Eradicated)
  • Primary Religion: N/A

World of Exil (Custom World Rules)

  • Magic (World)
    • Wild Magics Enabled. We use The Net Libram of Random Magical Effects v1.20 by Orrex.
      • There is a certain amount of risk involved in being a caster in Exil. For the most part, there is little to no concern about accidentally triggering a Wild Magic Effect. However, certain celestial events have different risk factors. Having a world calendar will help to set the dates for these events:
        • Lunar Eclipses:
          • Singular eclipses have a risk factor of 15% (1d20=3).
          • Double eclipses have a risk factor of 25% (1d20=5).
          • Triple eclipses have a risk factor of 80% (1d20=16).
        • Solar Eclipses:
          • Solar Eclipses have a risk factor of 50% (1d2=1).
          • Solar Eclipses also cause a Red Shadow to fall across the land.
  • Misc. World Rules
    • Flames are naturally purple on Exil. This is due to the soil containing certain amounts of potassium and strontium and is not a magical effect.
    • Every Fruslat the 13th is an unlucky day. Critical fails occur naturally on a 2, and the results chain together into a comedic moment. This takes the detriment away due to critical fails becoming 200% more likely.
    • Every Melat the 3rd is a lucky day. Critical Success chances are doubled.


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