Roh Characters
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Current Adventurers

  • Dridyn — A Drow Rogue who seeks to become one with his deity.
  • Vana — A Tiefling Druid who seeks to learn more about her fate.

Those lost along the way…

  • Halephaz — A Human Wizard who was finally going out into the world. Currently resides in a Temple of Tletl in the Nation of Oathvale and acts as Master of Rituals.
  • Caden — An Elf Druid who sought to free himself from the bonds of his former society.
  • Kuznets — A Shanm't (Black Wolf) Fighter whose quest for vengeance had only fueled his lust for blood.

Known Allies:

  • Felorin Kashmir — A Lesser Deity who acts as a free agent and messenger between the gods.
    • Actively worshipped by Tarl.
    • Drops in unannounced quite often to give the Party a bit of an edge… or to mess with them.
  • Willithur — A semi-immortal Human whose primary focus seems to be moving freight from place to place.
    • Occasionally drops in out of nowhere to help move the party along… literally.
  • Viktorya — A Shanm't (White Wolf) who is cursed with a flame tail as a sign of service to the Prime Deity Zanward Mineshadow, the god of War.


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