Om Shiret
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Om Shiret
Origin: Runes of Havok
Type: Beast
Homeland: Tirovona
Requires pXP? [y/n]: No
Racial Data
Other Names: Foxes, Y'ktro
Sub-species: Various
Sexes: Male (49%)
Female (49%)
Leshmai (02%)
Average Lifespan: 250 to 350 years
Average Adult Height: 3'00" to 3'8"
Average Adult Weight: 60 to 90 lbs
Average Adult Tail Length: 1.5"
Fur Colours: Black, Red, White, Silver, Grey
Claws? [y/n]: Yes (1d6p +3+Dex Bonus to hit)
Hair Colours: Black, Red, Green, Purple, Grey, Silver
Eye Colours: Red, Grey, Black, Blue, Purple, White
Racial Traits
Natural Strengths: DEX+2
CHA +2
Natural Weaknesses: STR -2
Birth Type?: Live Birth
Family Type?: Clans
Known Powers
Known Abilities


The Om Shiret are a race of Fox people. They tend to be quite dexterous and have a natural ability to move quickly and stealthily.

Creation and Evolution

In the Exilsphere, it is rumored that an experiment run by half of the Vierzehn Gottheiten1 caused the Om Shiret to come into existence.

Everywhere else, however, they are considered to be a natural race.


Om Shiret tend to be quite short, averaging at just over three feet tall, and have a range of fur colors that match those of standard foxes. Their hair and eyes, however, have some strange naturally occurring colors, such as green hair and purple eyes.


Stats and Other Info

  • Natural Proficiencies
    • Stealth
    • Acrobatics
  • Height
    • 3'0" to 3'8"
  • Weight
    • 60 to 90 lbs
  • Genders
    • Male — 49%
    • Female — 49%
    • Leshmai — 02%
      • Leshmai are hermaphroditic and capable of asexual reproduction, but are still capable of sexual reproduction.
      • Leshmai are considered to be either "Holy" or "Magical" and are typically heralded as Oracles and Prophets of their society.

How to build specifically for 5E:

  • Stat Bonuses
    • DEX +2
    • CHA +2
  • Stat Penalties
    • STR -2


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