The Nerdity Method of Writing
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(Written by an anonymous reader. Only edits made are to formatting. Published by Reverend FoxReverend Fox at reader's request.)

Reader requested that we create a page for the Method. I agreed, and here it is.

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What is the Nerdity Method?

Not much is publicly known about the Nerdity Method.

The Nerdity Method [or just nMethod] is a project that Reverend FoxReverend Fox has been working on since about 2009 as a way to break through his incessant Writer's Block. Released details have been rather light, but what he has mentioned is that it is almost guaranteed to work in most writing situations.

I, myself, have used the Method, and can vouch for its effectiveness.

Why I trust his Method

Just like Fox, I've been a writer since the early days, but whenever I get past a certain number of pages or get to certain situations in my writing, the Block comes in and fucks it all up. So, one day, Fox and I were having coffee at WNC and discussing the concept of Writer's Block, and he let it slip that he was working on a solution that would work in almost every Block situation! He reached into his laptop case, produced a loose-leaf bundle of papers, bound by a couple pieces of hot pink paracord, with all these handwritten charts, notes, and sketches all over them, and said, "The Nerdity Method! It's in a bit of disarray at the moment, but with a little bit of cleanup, a lot of R&D, and a moderate amount of feedback, this shit will cure any writer of their Block!"

He allowed me to photocopy the whole shebang just as long as I didn't let anyone else see it, and I immediately put it to use. The damned thing worked! I thought he was out of his mind at first, but he actually made a system that causes stories to write themselves! The only thing I needed to do was document the changes that the Method was causing to my story!

My copy of the Method now sits in a bubble-wrap padded mailing envelope atop my writing desk. I never start writing without it close at hand!


I've actually created a dedicated site for the Nerdity Method itself, and it can be found here!


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