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Player: TheBranTardTheBranTard
Origin: Runes of Havok
Archetype: Eldritch Knight
Experience Level: Fighter:5 Cleric:1
Personal Data
Real Name: Svet-V-Temnote Ten' Kuznets
Known Aliases: Kuznets
Species: Shanm't
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 210lbs
Hair/Fur Colour: Black w/ white tips
Eye Colour: Silver
Biographical Data
Nationality: Miralian
Occupation: Blacksmith
Place of Birth: Lormith Barrens
Base of Operations: Korinthas
Marital Status: Betrothed
Known Relatives: Various Family (enslaved)



"Death is the reward for a life of war."
~ An axiom of the Chernyy Volki

Life of Svet-V-Temnote Ten' Kuznets.

Early Life

Kuznets was born of the Chernyy Volki tribe of Shanm't in the Lormith Barrens, the snow-covered wasteland in the north of Miralia on the continent of Tirovona. At birth he was given the youngling name of Svet-V-Temnoe1, referring to his white-tipped black fur. Being the smallest of his brothers and sisters, Svet was thought to be better suited to supporting the tribe rather than being on the hunt. However, Svet's father, Seryy Ogon, believed Svet had the spirit of a warrior and trained him whenever possible, but Bogi Vyt, the tribe's leader, did not approve of Svet's warrior training and sent him to Riverhollow to train as a blacksmith when he was ten years old.

Leaving Home

Upon being sent to Riverhollow, Svet was given the title Ten'Kuznets2 and was told that he was to study smithing under Cledwyn Devi Kendrick, one of the fifteen Master Blacksmiths of Tirovona. From dawn to dusk over the following ten years, Svet Ten'Kuznets underwent the harshest training imaginable. He burned his hands and arms many times whilst trying to learn, but learn he did. After ten years of training, Svet Ten'Kuznets was sent home. As he crested the hill to his tribal home, he saw from a distance the remainder of his clan being carted away by slavers. Many shanm't warriors lay dead in the slavers' wake. As the slavers left the village, they razed it to the ground. Surrounded by the flames and blood of his fellow tribesmen, Kuznets made a vow to avenge the dead and free the living at the cost of his own life.


Kuznets had traveled the majority of southern Miralia and a good portion of Aubergine's trade routes, following the rapidly cooling trail of the slavers in search of his family as well as any other enslaved Shanm't. He had made very little progress, however, as the slavers' caravan seemingly disappeared somewhere near Begraanem. He'd figured that all hope was lost and was ready to give up until he was met by a party of adventurers who vowed to help him find his way.

With them, he fought many valiant foes and fought for the liberation of slaves in the Aubergine Kingdom, despite knowing slavery was both legal and condoned.

His death came at the hands of his party members. Upon returning to Korinthas, Kuznets lost his way and became possessed by a demon goddess of the lost which consumed his soul entirely. Knowing there was no cure, his life was ended swiftly and his body laid to rest by Varyn Samesh, the Shanm't Death Cleric of Yllanda Duskwalker.


"Feather fall!"
~ Kuznets


Kuznets had a heroic personality and noble intentions but also had a tendency to leap before he looked and was often overly melodramatic. When given to his anger, his fierce temper would overtake him and result in his transformation into an Y'kra3. This has almost proved deadly to the party on numerous occasions, but they chose to look past it.

Favored Weapon

Kuznets was skilled in a large variety of weapons, but preferred his handcrafted blades. He carried his fathers sword as a heirloom, though he rarely used it. He was also highly proficient with just his claws, but mostly used them in his Y'ktra form.

Favored Enemy

Arch Enemy

Toth'tanoth An'Araxoth, Tiefling leader of the Association of the Resolute, the group of slavers who captured Kuznets' tribespeople.


His most prized treasure was the sword given to him by his father.

This longsword, known as Wolfrend, deals 1d10 piercing damage and has a [DC=23 STR] chance of amputating a limb upon crit. It is also designed specifically so that Shanm't can wield it in their Y'ktra form. Upon this blade is a battle scene etched into the fine steel. Ruby dust set with resin shows the blood on the battlefield.
Main Article: Wolfrend.


Kuznets typically wore leather armor and carried two longswords that he made in his training, one made of black steel with a red steel core and the other made of red steel with a black steel core.

Miscellaneous Info

Kuznets's Blacksmithing kit was a gift from Cledwyn Dewi Kendrick, one of the Master Blacksmiths of Tirovona.


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