Havok Players
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The following page is a collection of quotes from our current players, recalling their experiences playing Havok RPGs.

Professor MacGuffinProfessor MacGuffin (TL-WM) recalling his experiences with the Havok RP Group.

"So during a theater class, a fellow with a fantastic beard approaches me, recognizing the D&D references I had made during the improv games. He invited me to a weekly D&D session. I had some hesitations, as I had never played a real game of D&D, only improvised sessions with improvised 4E-5E rules. Eventually, we worked out a way for me to get there and I made it to my first session, playing as a Drow Rogue named Dridyn Ravos. I wasn't exactly perfectly in-character for the first few sessions, behaving in a zany manner and making jokes. Eventually, that became Dridyn's character. It was the most fun I'd had in a while. Throughout the weeks, we encountered terrifying creatures, noble NPCs, dark and mysterious environments, and built in-character at out-of-character relationships to last. As time went on, characters died and players left, but Dridyn and I stayed, pushing forward and having bundles of fun doing so. It was never about the stats or the EXP or the loot (although it certainly added to fun!) for me. It was always about the story; it was always about the characters. It was about the friendships and the fun. I feel like there is a certain element that is exclusive to Havok RP players. A love for story telling and exploring. A love for eachother and the game. Havok RP players are accepting. Havok RP players are story-driven. Most of all Havok RP players have Heart."

GeodogsixGeodogsix (TL-FM) recalling his experiences with the Havok RP Group.

"So one day during mine and the Reverend's normal talks, he brought up to me that he was going to start making a Shadowrun campaign (which to those of you who have seen some of our first videos, I was the the occult investigator, Canis). While the series didn't last long, it eventually brought me into the world of Exil where I met some pretty awesome people that, honestly, are some of the coolest people i have ever had the chance to game with. While I still am pretty noobish, this turned into a great passion and a great way to meet awesome friends. In the end I wound up playing one of the most interesting charterers that I've ever laid a hand on — the death cleric, Varin Samesh."


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