Rules for Posting on the Forums
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Rule #1:
Wheaton's Law
"Don't be a dick!"

Forum Rules

  1. See above or refer to our page dedicated to Wheaton's Law.
  2. Moderators and Admins are here of their own volition. Don't mess with them.
    • If a Moderator or Admin tells you to STOP, you stop.
    • Keep in mind that the Staff hold themselves to a higher set of rules and protocols. Please, do not add unnecessary stress on them.
  3. Please be respectful of the other users.
    • Remember, you're not the only person on this website.
    • If you have an opinion which differs from another's opinion, feel free to share it. Just don't force your opinion on anyone else.
  4. This is a place for fun and serious discussion.
    • Keyword is: discussion.
  5. Please keep the following off our forums:
    • Useless memes — It clutters our forums.
    • No-content posting — Please, always be saying something.
      • Even if you are replying in agreement, please try to be saying something, providing more information, clarifying, and so on.
    • Multiposting — If you accidentally a word, misspelled something, want to add or omit something, or otherwise need to make an edit to your comment, please make use of the [EDIT] button under the [OPTIONS] link on your post.
    • Shitposting — Somewhat covers the above-mentioned, but see the Urban Dictionary's definition of Shitpost.
    • Politics & Religion — No. We don't discuss these things. We don't want to discuss these things. We don't care. See below for caveat.
    • Spoilers — Unless otherwise stated, keep spoilers out. If you must discuss spoiler content, please utilize the Collapsible Block codes.
    • Personal Problems — We here are fine with a lot of things being discussed in our forums. However, we would appreciate it if you would leave out the personal bitching about your life in general. See below for clarification.
    • PORN — Just no. And if you do, you will be permabanned with no chance to appeal.
    • Advertisements — Same as PORN. Just no.
    • Spam — Some of us like to eat it. None of us want to deal with it. If people are not responding to your post or thread, then let it go.
  6. Don't post for the sake of bumping.
  7. Necromancy is banned in our forums.
    • Any comment or thread that has gone uncommented for over three months is dead. Do not try to revive it.
  8. Any issues? Refer to rule #1.

"Believe me, all of us know that life sucks at times. That's why we're doing this! It's our form of escapism! We simply will not tolerate someone dragging their load of dirty fucking laundry in here to remind us that life outside of these four digital walls just sucks."
~ Reverend FoxReverend Fox on the reason for the Personal Problems rule.

"The rule against political and religious discussion stems from the bullshit one sees on Facebook and other forums. These two topics, along with a handful of others that should be common sense to not discuss, are extremely divisive and will contaminate the positive nature of what we are trying to accomplish with our site. Think about it like this…
"Welcome to our 'ool. Notice there's no P in it? Keep it that way."
~ Reverend FoxReverend Fox on the reason for the Politics & Religion rule.

Interacting with Staff

  • Staff Requests: If a staff member asks you to change something about your behavior, or to temporarily stop making certain kinds of posts, please do so. This may take the form of Staff Posts replying to you in the forums; this means that you have the responsibility of returning to recent conversations (or checking Recent Forum Posts) to find out if staff are trying to give you pertinent instructions.
  • Ended Discussions: If a staff member ends a discussion, it is over. Do not try to get the final word in; just stop.
  • Staff Decisions/Appealing: Respect Staff decisions, even if you disagree with them. If you feel you are being treated unfairly, please appeal to a different staff member. If the situation is found fair, do not continue to appeal to other staff members in hopes of getting a different response.

Staff Posting

If a staff member posts something titled "Staff Post - ," this is backed by the authority of our Admin. Please see below for information on the specific Staff Posts.

A Note on Staff Posting
"Staff Post - Open" To be used when further discussion on a topic or an issue would be useful in some way.
"Staff Post - Closed" To be used when further discussion on a topic or an issue would be detrimental in some way.
"Staff Post - Stop" To be used when a conversation is getting out of hand.
"Staff Post - Vote" To be used when a vote is required by Half-Staff or above.
"Staff Post - Warning" To be used as an Unofficial Warning in conjunction with a "Stop," especially if the user in question displays no intention of doing so.
"Staff Post - Official Warning" To be used as an Official Warning to warn a user that his or her behavior is becoming unacceptable.
get feedback. To be used as the second part of the application passphrase

If you believe a "Staff Post - " was made unfairly or in error, please contact the Team Leader for that staff member's specific Team directly via private message. If the "Staff Post - " that you feel negatively about came from a Team Leader, contact the Prime Admin (Reverend FoxReverend Fox) via private message.


  • If you feel you are being harassed, let the Harassment Team Leader (Reverend FoxReverend Fox) know via Private Message.
    • Every case will be investigated and handled confidentially and reported anonymously.

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