Exilia's Wrath
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Exilia is the name of the Singular OverGoddess of the Exilverse. However, She does not fully exist in that or any other 'verse, because she is the concept of creative worldbuilding in the mind of DM Havok, Reverend FoxReverend Fox. In his own words:

"Exilia has been a concept which floated around in my mind since I began playing PnP RPs when I was about ten years old. At that time in my life, I was studying the quasi-religious group known as the Discordians, or Erisians — a group dedicated to the study of Chaos Theory. However, in order to more easily explain their concepts to the average person, they named the Chaos Theory after the Greek goddess of discord, Eris.

"I took this idea of Chaos and applied it to creative worldbuilding in such a way that I didn't know quite what was going to come out of it. The concept, in its entirety, is all about the existence of a living, breathing world instead of the static worlds with which most gamers had become familiar. At all times, there's more going on in the world than just a small party of adventurers trudging through a dungeon or slaying a single dragon. For example, on Therin, one of my many created worlds, the party could be traversing the Zabol Desert in search of the Pantheon of the Fallen, and, in the meantime, a group of Gnolls is battling a clan of Minotaurs for control of the Labyrinth of Mawic which is located a little over 3,000km to the north!

"Random encounters became crossed paths, merchants travelled, kingdoms rose and fell1, and the only constant was the party. Those poor bastards who dared trudge through a world constantly flowing. It made the world more believable and, in a way, more real.

"My idea of creative worldbuilding was, at least in my limited experience, not something that was commonly in practice among existing DMs and GMs, and when I brought the idea to a friend of mine [a fellow beginner-level DM who lived in Reno at the time], he dismissed my idea as overly complicated. We would debate for hours on the subject, and when we took the debate to a more open forum, it was, again, dismissed as something that beginners should not undertake. The popular opinion was that worldbuilding should be left to your Ed Greenwoods and the like.

"I felt as if my idea were exiled thoroughly by the overall community, and so I named my persistent worldbuilding idea after the idea of exile, and it became Exilia. Exilia became the Goddess of all worlds I built."

~ Reverend FoxReverend Fox, discussing the origin of the world of Exil.

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We of the Havok RP Group have come to the conclusion that the best way to expand on the Exilverse is to actually hand some of the creative process over to our listeners, readers, viewers, and audience in general.


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