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Origin: Runes of Havok}
Approximate Population: 15.5 million
Size: Very Large
Political Data
Prominent Nations: Oathvale, Kingdom of Akril, Umchek Confederacy
Historic Conflicts: The War of Unification (Umchek Nomads), The Mirelands Conflict (Oathvale/Wildmen)
Current Conflict: None
Wealth: Very Wealthy
Imports: Auberginian Livestock, Wine
Exports: Everfrost crops, artifacts, books
Wealthiest Nations: Kingdom of Akril, Thanngir, Oathvale
Notable Inhabitants
Notable Visitors
Popular Campaigns

Everfrost is one of the larger and youngest continents on Exil. It is a week away from Tirovona by boat. It was first mentioned in the Runes of Havok podcast.

"May your bed be as warm as the sands of Varythel, your lover be as unbridled as the the horse women of the Umchek Wilds, and your enemies be more sickly than the Mirelands!"

~ A common Everfrost toast


Enint and the Appearance of Everfrost

Little is known about the early history of Everfrost. Legend tells of an ancient aquatic Wyrm known as Dask1 who lived in the furthest depths of the ocean, precisely in the region of Exil where Everfrost currently is. Dask was maddeningly gargantuan, and able to change the currents with the flick of her tail. Dask rose from the ocean one day, dragging the ocean floor with her, bringing forth underwater mountain ranges and torrents of lava. Before vanishing, Dask left an egg in one of the many volcanoes created during this event. This egg hatched another Wyrm named Enint2 who shaped land by molding the lava with his body and cooling it by manipulating the wind and water around him. Enint brought soil and seeds to the land by destroying uninhabited surrounding islands and spreading their remains across it. Over thousands of years, Everfrost began to take shape.

Early Civilization

Study and survey of Everfrost reveals that a small number of ancient races have inhabited Everfrost. Most of these races have either vanished or have gone extinct, with the rumored exception of one, the Aen.


"Trade in Everfrost is profitable! That is, if you can stand the long walks and uncomfortable changes in weather."

~ An unknown Om Shiret merchant


The climate in Everfrost is incredibly varied due to its size. Almost every region has a different climate with different weather patterns.


The Kingdom of Akril
  • Capital: Akril
  • Primary Race: Human
  • Population: 5.8 million
  • Primary Religion:
  • Capital: Padstow Keep
  • Primary Race: Human
  • Population: 6 million
  • Primary Religion: Tletlism
  • Capital: Ei'kel
  • Primary Race: Aen
  • Population: Unknown
  • Primary Religion: Unknown
  • Capital: Anar
  • Primary Race: Elf/Human
  • Population: 3.4 million
  • Primary Religion:
Umchek Confederacy
  • Capital: майхан
  • Primary Race: Umchek Human
  • Population: 47 thousand
  • Primary Religion: Unknown Shamanism
The Titan Vale
  • Capital: Unknown
  • Primary Race: Unknown
  • Population: Unknown
  • Primary Religion: Unknown


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