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The Drow assassin, Dridyn Ravos.
Player: Professor MacGuffinProfessor MacGuffin (WM-TL)
Origin: Runes of Havok
Archetype: Assassin
Experience Level: Rogue Level 6
Personal Data
Real Name: Dridyn Ravos
Known Aliases: Dark One, The Masqued Scourge
Species: Drow
Gender: Male
Age: 115
Height: 5'11
Weight: 136 lbs.
Hair Colour: White
Eye Colour: Silver
Biographical Data
Nationality: K'larite
Occupation: Assassin
Place of Birth: Verrenholm, Charnag K'lar
Associated Organizations: Mysterious Misfits, Entertainer's Guild
Base of Operations: Entertainer's Guild Headquarters, Korinthas
Marital Status: Flee.
Known Relatives: Felorin Kashmir (Ancestor), Mother (Alive, Missing)
Known Powers
Has standard Drow racial magics, can manipulate scar on wrist
Known Abilities
Talented at both dancing and singing, can quite quickly learn different regional fighting styles and dances as he travels
Leather Armor, Short Sword, Cursed Dirk, Chain-Sickle, Glowing Dagger, Fine Dagger, Flint Dagger, Standard Dagger (8), Black Steel Dagger (3), Light Crossbow, Short Bow, Hand Crossbow (2), Burglar's Pack, Thieves' tools, Bolts (104), Arrows (15)
More to be revealed.

Dridyn Ravos is a character in the Runes of Havok podcast.


"Poke it with a stick!"

~ Dridyn Ravos
(Upon seeing a magically floating dead body)

Early Life

Dridyn Ravos was born in the Drow city of Verrenholm, in the underground realm of Charnag K'lar, beside the Renor Qu'Mados1. He was born unto two Cil2 of Yoggitr Soth and had three siblings. The history of Dridyn's family and his relationship with them is largely unknown. Early in life, Dridyn was selected by the Tithauren de' Oirna3 to be marked with the mysterious Sol d'lil Qu'Mados4. A short time after this, the entirety of the population of Verrenholm, and several surrounding cities of Charnag K'lar, vanished without a trace.

Leaving Charnag K'lar

Dridyn took his leave from Charnag K'lar in his early 90s, venturing to the surface of Exil. While on the surface, Dridyn spent a short time living in the wilderness as a trapper and a hunter, occasionally trading pelts and meats with passersby. After a number of years, Dridyn was discovered by a group of bandits, who took him in shortly after a "display of skill" on one of their grunts. After a short time with this group of bandits Dridyn lost interest with their activities and killed their leader with an arrow through the heart, before making off with their stolen riches. Dridyn continued on like this for several years before encountering a curious group of adventurers who were looking to pick a fight with the group of bandits he was currently with.


After dispatching the leader of this most recent group of bandits, Dridyn stayed with the adventurers, seeing profit in living among their ranks. He continued to stay as the groups members died off, left, and were replaced. He continues journeying on with the group, and even participates in performances with them as a founding member of the Mysterious Misfits.



~ Dridyn Ravos
(A foul profanity in drow; said after kicking the human wizard in the shins for clomping around in wooden shoes)

Mental State

Dridyn is mentally unstable, as conversation with him will imply. In between his extended periods of madness, he has moments of clarity. During these "sane" moments, Dridyn becomes dulled, darker, even emotionless. His sanity can come at random intervals or can be triggered by the arrival of Felorin Kashmir. During his insane periods, Dridyn will have the extreme of any one of a variety of emotions, his most recent emotion being joy.


The following is a list of character quirks and traits that Dridyn appears to have organized into his two states, insane and sane. However, one trait that remains on Dridyn no matter what state he is in, is his habit of immediately looting whatever he can find. The intent may differ depending on the states, but the outcome is the same.


  • Easily offended: Dridyn takes great offense to the term "dark one", deeming it racist against his people, the Drow.
  • Overly cheery: Dridyn is currently very cheery and joyful no matter how grim the situation may be.
  • Unpredictable: Dridyn's behavior is erratic, though always logical in his mind, and often works out in the strangest of ways.
  • Clumsy tinkering: Dridyn has little skill in tinkering but still insists on doing so on occasion. This has led to the destruction of several items and the enhancement of the flame cup.


  • Cold: Dridyn often becomes unfeeling and emotionless when he is sane.
  • Thoughtful: Dridyn's logic becomes more sound when he is sane. He becomes more quiet, reserved, thoughtful, and calculating.

Favored Weapon

Currently Dridyn favors his Cursed Dirk, Short bow, and Light Crossbow.


Dridyn frequently will loot corpses and areas he is in selling goods almost as soon as he can grab them. Consequently, his treasures fluctuate frequently. The listed items are constants.

  • Cowl of Transparency
  • Diamond (With onyx and a small eggshell inside.
  • Scroll of Summon Undead Army
  • 4 golden scrolls
  • Ornate Flask


Dridyn is an assassin, and his equipment reflects it.

  • Leather Armor
  • Short Sword
  • Cursed Dirk
  • Chain-Sickle
  • Assortment of daggers
  • Light Crossbow
  • Short Bow
  • Two hand crossbows
  • Burglar's pack
  • Thieves' tools
  • Quivers of bolts and arrows


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