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"It started like any other day."

DM Havok's Blog
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Biological Info

  • Born: 25 June 1984, Ocala, Florida, USA
  • Current Residence: Carson City, Nevada, USA
  • Height: 185.42cm
  • Weight: 19.25 stone
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Blonde?1

Biographical Info

  • Belief: Gnostic Atheist
  • Employed: Yep.
  • Favorite Food: Sushi
  • Handedness: Right — Training ambidexterity.
  • Marital Status: Married

Tech History:

The Reverend comes from a background of tech and internet usage dating back to the specific date of 25 June 1989, the day he received his first computer with a dialup modem — a USRobotics HST modem running at an amazing 14.5 kbit/s — for his fifth birthday. He called it "Lloyd," after the bartender character in Stephen King's The Shining2 because he ironically felt that it was serving his wishes to accomplish some underlying nefarious plan.

It wasn't until February of 1990 that he discovered BBS systems. Countless hours were spent tying up the phone line communicating with others like himself all across the globe. In 1993, he discovered MUDs3, and started becoming the nerd he is today. At one point, he had even gone so far as to try creating a BBS system to act as a text-based gaming server.

He has kept on top of computing tech, even if he hasn't been able to acquire said tech, for as long as he remembers. His most recent set of tech purchases were a Raspberry Pi r3, a Pine 64a, and a Dell netbook.

Gaming History:

"My first PnP gaming experience was with some friends when I was merely nine years old. We were gathered in the basement of the house that one of the friends grew up in, and it was decorated in all sorts of D&D paraphernalia. Huge posters depicting busty Nord women slaying dragons covered the stone walls, clay statuettes and lead figurines lined each shelf, and a gigantic round table made of the finest plywood one could get at Kent's Hardware Store in Fallon, NV sat in the center of this dimly lit modern dungeon. In one corner of the room sat a double-decker Sony cassette stereo which was always blasting Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Blind Guardian, and others that were precisely what every Table would listen to at the time.

"We were playing AD&D Second Edition in the Forgotten Realms setting. I came into the game as the adventurers were travelling south along the Sword Coast from Neverwinter to Waterdeep. My character was a Tinker Gnome, by the name of Relto Blackdiamond, who had a knack for talking his way out of any situation. Over the course of that adventure, he got into many troublesome events but always came out well enough. I played as Relto for a little over a year, and once he and the party discovered a Spelljammer ship, they took to WildSpace to continue their adventures!

"Two years into my overall PnP experience, I'd set aside most other forms of videogaming. This was about the time when Doom II, Fallout, Albion, and other amazing titles were coming out, and, while I would engage in some Computer Gaming4, I could never fully engross myself in them. (Hell, it wasn't until about 1999 that I actually sat down and played right through Fallout 1, Fallout 2, and the first two Elder Scrolls games!) So, I decided to become a Dungeon Master. I'd hang out at the ████ █████████ card shop in Fallon and offer to run games for people. The owner of the shop offered me a couple of weekly tables so people could come in and game with me! This is the moment I transformed from Chris into HavokFox, a name given to me by my Shadowrun players (they thought it sounded edgy and cyberpunk).

"Anyway, fast forward a bit through a life of many experiences including a move to Carson City, NV (the actual Capital of Nevada, TYVM!). In 2014, I decided to form the Havok RP Group. My group was very small, as it is today, and we played a short game of Shadowrun. Personality conflicts ensued, table rules weren't followed, and the game just kinda imploded. One player stuck around as a consistent member. A year after that implosion, I got another group together, mainly consistent of local stage actors, and we sat down to play D&D 5e. It was a refreshing experience. Sure, there were a few hiccups along the way, but hey… that shit happens!"
~ Reverend FoxReverend Fox — Excerpt from Audio Log entitled "Setting up the site, Log 6, 'Admin Bio Concept.'" Dated 30 June 2016

Life as a Developer

Fox has been involved in a large number of projects. Many of which plummeted to the ground like blue ice from a passenger airliner. Others which gained traction and have garnered small followings. One project actually took off and has a userbase in the hundreds of thousands.


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