Deletions Policy
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The Basics

What gets immediately deleted?

Anything that falls under the following criteria:

  • Violates the Wiki Rules.
  • Low-quality coldposts1.
  • High-quality coldposts.
  • Coldposts in general.
  • Shitposts.
  • Plagiarism.

Determining Eligibility for Deletion

If a page gets voted down to or below -10, it has become eligible for a Deletion Vote. At this point, the work is on a Deletion Hold and gathers the Deletion Votes. During this 24hr hold, the author of the work has a few options at their disposal, but more on those later. Also, some articles may save themselves! If the rating of the page swings back above -10, then the Deletion Hold is lifted and the Deletion Vote is invalidated.

Deletion Voting

Deletion Voting is reserved for Staff only. The only exception is that you are the author of the work or are another writer announcing your intent to rewrite the page for or collaborate with the original author of the work.

Understanding Deletions

Why we delete

Think of it like a physical filing system. While it's neat to keep a whole bunch of pieces of paper in it, you wouldn't keep every piece of paper that floats your way, right? This is our way of keeping the workspace clean for everyone! However, it's the Writing Community at large that makes the decision via Page Voting! Every page has a Vote Module in the upper-right corner.

What deletions do

Deletions, as mentioned above, keep the area clean and clear, but also act as encouragement to writers. If a writer's work is never criticized, never subjected to scrutiny, then the writer never learns or improves. This, as has been experienced by a few of the creators of the Guild, is the best way to learn and grow!

Moving forward

At no point is a deletion to be considered a malicious act. It's an act of the Community, the Readers, fellow Writers, and so on telling a writer that some improvement can be made. This can lead to some damned amazing work!

Options for Deletion

During the Deletion Hold period, the author of the work has a number of choices.

Rewrite / Redraft

The author can reply to the Staff Post - Deletion Vote to request time to rewrite the article. It will need to go back through the Crit process again by posting into the Crit Forums and getting feedback.

Volunteer Rewrite / Redraft

Another author can step in and offer to rewrite the work in the same fashion as mentioned above. However, original attribution must be followed.

Getting Permission

If the original author is still active on the site, another author wishing to rewrite will have to ask permission!


If anyone wants to collaborate with the original author or vice versa, the same process as mentioned above must be followed.

Accepting Deletion

There are just some cases where a writer thinks, "Yep. This boat is sinking."

What this really means

It's not a negative feeling to know when something just isn't going to work. Sometimes all the effort, skill, time, or energy an author puts into something merely isn't enough to make it. Grab the source from your work and salvage it. Maybe there was a glimmer of pure genius in the fifth sentence of the third-to-last paragraph. That may be the basis for the author's next great piece!

There's always next time

Never give up! Many writers fail their first couple of times. It just helps the writer grow their skill!

What if:

I'm away from the site?

Under no circumstances will a page be outright blinked into oblivion. Staff will send the author a copy of the page source via WikiDot PM.

I'm unable to find a collaborator?

Hold onto the draft and let the spot go. Maybe it'll take some time, but you'll get someone to help you out with it or you'll work it out on your own!

I accidentally deleted my own page?

I'd hate to be so blunt, but shit happens. Sometimes, it cannot be helped. However, we do try to back up the entire site at least every other Friday. If you do accidentally your page, let a Staff Member know or contact Reverend FoxReverend Fox directly!


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