Feedback & Critique Guide
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Giving Criticism

General Criticism

There are a few basic guidelines that must be followed when giving criticism.

  • Always be saying something!
    • "This article sucks! Rewrite it!" « This statement says nothing!
  • Always be specific!
    • "This article sucks! Rewrite it!" « This statement will give the writer absolutely nothing to go on. They might as well repost the bloody thing and ask for a different reviewer.
  • Always give suggestions!
    • "This article sucks! Rewrite it!" « This statement doesn't help the writer figure out better ways to word things, what to add to, what to cut down, what works, what doesn't, or anything that would actually be fucking helpful!
  • Always tell a writer why!
    • Never let your critique or criticism leave a question mark in a writer's mind.
      • Question marks lead to anger.
      • Anger leads to fear.
      • "Fear is the Mind Killer." ~Frank Herbert, Dune.
    • Be sure the writer understands exactly why you are criticizing their work.
      • Even if it's as simple as, "This part is a little boring." Or, "You're going to confuse the reader with this." Or even, "It looks like this is the first article you've ever written."
  • Always get permission to edit!
    • An article posted belongs to someone. Get their permission before going in and making changes.
    • This policy is waived for members of (WM-SPAGN).
  • Never put a writer down!
    • Following Wheaton's Law, under no circumstances are you allowed to insult a writer or put them down in any way.
    • Everyone writing articles is taking time and effort to make it the best that they can. If their quality is shit, then let them know that it's a shitty article! Don't tell the writer, "You're a shitty writer!"
      • Failure to follow this policy specifically will result in immediate termination from Staff and a VariBan1 from the sites.

Draft-Specific Criticism

  • Never make corrections to a draft!
    • The draft belongs to the writer2.
    • The writer always has the final say as to what they put into their article. As such, it is their consequence to face if the article gets voted into the "in-deletion" category after it gets posted.


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