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This page is designed as a place for our Writing Community to put their finalized articles, items, magics, stories, and whatnot. We highly encourage members of our community to try their hand at writing, and would like to see what the community can come up with!

Rules for Writing

Brief Overview

  • Remember, Wheaton's Law applies here.
  • Getting Feedback
    • The greatest strategy for being a successful writer is to draft and submit your work for critique.
    • This can be accomplished by using our Sandbox Site!
    • Drafting for critiques is a required step. Cold-posting to the Main Wiki will result in the Cold-posted article being deleted.
      • Instructions for Sandbox usage are on the front page of the Sandbox itself. If you have questions on how to use it, please contact either ExistentialGrey89ExistentialGrey89 (Sandbox Admin), or Reverend FoxReverend Fox (Prime Admin).
  • Feedback Beyond Posting
    • Every page has a Voting Module and a Comments Module enabled. These exist so that people can comment and provide further feedback on your work. You never know what kind of awesome ideas may flow from others' opinions.
    • You, ultimately, have control over what you do with the feedback you are given.
  • Page Voting
    • Every site member has the ability to upvote and downvote articles. However, do not vote on your own pages; it throws the averages out of whack.
    • All a vote means is that the reader did or didn't like the page they had just read.
      • Please vote only in regards to the quality of the article, not your personal opinions regarding the writer.
      • Voting users are encouraged to provide a brief explanation as to why they voted by using the Discussion/Comments module. However, this is not a requirement.
  • Giving and Receiving Criticism
    • Everybody is entitled to their opinion. Also, everybody is encouraged to share their opinion.
    • Please be respectful.
    • Overview on giving Critiques:
      • Always be saying something!
      • Always be specific!
      • Always give suggestions!
      • Always get permission to edit!
      • Never put a writer down!
        • For more information on these, please see the Policy Main [currently drafting].
    • If you take issue with someone's critique or opinion of your work, let a Staff Member know!
    • You can find our full Wiki Writer's Rules here!

We also have a Writer's Guide.
Also, WikiDot Syntax is fun!

Votes and Comments

Every page on the HRPGWiki has a Vote Module enabled at the top right of the page and a Comments Module at the bottom. These exist here so that other users can rate and provide feedback on your work.

Feedback is a sensitive thing sometimes, which is why we've developed a Feedback and Critique Guide.


Sometimes, an article fails no matter how much effort one puts into it. This is to no fault of the writer, however, as it happens to all writers from time to time. As per our Deletions Policy, any page that sinks below -10 votes becomes eligible for deletion and gets a Staff-only Deletion Vote as well as a 24 Hour Deletion Hold. If the rating of the page swings back above -10, then the Deletion Hold is lifted and the Deletion Vote is invalidated. More information is available in the aforementioned link.


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