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Kept here for consistency.


Pardon our dust…

Welcome to the Havok RP Group Admin site.

Harsh content, mature topics, and much specific planning ahead.
You've been fucking warned, bitches!

Currently, this site is private. Anyone who goes to the main address will be redirected to the (JOIN) page, so we can talk freely here for the time being. However, keep in mind that this part of the page will become public, so do not use your real names. We will refer to each other by our usernames only.
And the site is password protected. No entry. HA!

The purpose of this page is five-fold.

  1. To moderate and confront issues that commonly [and uncommonly] arise on forums. Ours is absolutely no fucking different.
  2. To maintain a safe and healthy environment for people to discuss the Havok RP Group.
  3. To allow a community to build upon itself and go beyond our current purview. Right now, we're just a few wanks who sit around a table and record words. I'm sure we want to move beyond that and build fucking WORLDS!
  4. To have a place where we can perform administrative and moderative tasks without having the general userbase horn in.
  5. To openly discuss issues regarding users, non-users, and other staff up to and including full disciplinary action.

Note that under #5, I made sure "and other staff" was more noticeable? This is because none of us will be above the fucking rules. We may be the law, but we are not the law.

Fuck, I forgot that Wikidot keeps a change record of all edits made to a page. Anyone can come back and see this. Meh, fuckit. We're an open-air admin/mod group!
let them seeeeee….
— cough —

So, what are our current tasks and goals?

  1. We must design the rules and policies that will be used both on the main site and here. This will involve deeply considering what we consider to be acceptable behavior. I have an initial idea that will go [HERE] when I've created a page for it. This will also very likely involve different policies for the various functions, but more on that in a moment.
  2. We must decide how we will divide our attention and how to apply our skills to what sort of task. If you would kindly look over here and notice how they have "teams" set up. I would like for us to do something similar. Each of you will be a Team Leader [official title: TL Admin or just TL]. The initial teams will provisionally be as follows:
    • Wiki SPaG (SPelling and Grammar) Team
    • Forum Moderators
    • Wiki Moderators
    • Disciplinary Team
    • Policy Enforcers
    • Harassment Team
      • This job is the one I, Reverend FoxReverend Fox, will handle as Team Leader. It's definitely the one with the most problematic nature.
      • I will also take TL for Policy Enforcers, as we will be short-staffed upon initial opening.
  3. We must agree that this site will, in some respect, become a priority over other projects. As much as I hate to say this, it's just something we have to do.
  4. We must build the main Wiki. Currently, I'm in the process of creating it, and will link it [HERE] when it is complete. Upon private release, we will begin…


Is that ominous enough for ya? BWAHAHAHA-cough-

As to the question of who gets what job,

It all comes down to what job you feel comfortable doing. Each one, obviously, will have a different set of responsibilities that others do not. For example, the hierarchy work flow according to protocol itself goes in the order listed above from top to bottom. A better example, the Wiki and Forum Mods will monitor for activity that may go against our rules and policies. If such an action is found to have happened or be happening, they will report the incident along with a log of said incident to their respective TLs. The TLs will then report the incident with log to either the Policy Enforcers or the Disciplinary Team, depending on the severity of the perceived rule break. If it is reported to the Policy Enforcers, they will then take it to the Disciplinary Team. They will then either take care of the situation and keep me in the loop or defer to me for a decision.

If there is perceived harassment, whichever team who notices it will report it directly to the Harassment Team with or without consultation with the team's TL. This is, at least, one protocol that is absolutely not up for fucking debate, sorry.

Also, there is another team who will act in the background solely on my behalf. Call them the Shadow Ops. Their job will be to help make sure the TLs and other staff don't violate our rules, among other jobs. Once I nominate someone, I'll let you guys know via message on FB.

There will also be Provisional Task Forces [PTFs] for various tasks. These include mass edits to wiki pages, undoing the damage from a roving troll, or other large-scale tasks that go beyond the purview of your teams. These PTFs will be selected by the following process; I ask the TLs for people, TLs put a call out to their respective team members, whoever responds will get assessed by their TLs, and the TLs refer them to me. The TLs can also request the assembly of a PTF.

Rules and policies are still in the draft phase. I will link the page above, as mentioned, and will also put a link in the sidebar.


Another quick note about TL and Team responsibility,

It is important that the Teams and the TLs themselves either go through the Recent Changes or Recent Posts logs [which will be clearly linked on the side bar] to monitor activity at least once per day. More than once per day if necessary [such as, dealing with a roving troll or monitoring an "Eyes On" cockbag user]. Your teams will be the "Rapid Response," of course, but will be reporting to you directly. I'd like to see issues on their way to resolution within at least 24 hours of Team reporting.


Clarification on the protocol,

Okay, in one of the above text blocks, I lined out a protocol for reporting issues. Let me clarify here.

When an issue is noticed by a Team Member, that Team Member will make a notation of it in the respective forum thread here in Admin. This notation will be a brief report including a quote [or a screenshot if on a mobile device] from the offending page or thread, a permalink to said page or thread, and a short assessment. At the completion of this phase, the Team Member will send a PM to the TL.

This doesn't prevent Disciplinary, Policy, or Harassment from reporting things themselves, however, but if something is found by Disciplinary, the situation must then be handled in full cooperation with Policy. Similarly, if Policy or Harassment notice a situation, they will confer with Disciplinary. Redundant systems are fun.

The TL will assess the situation and discuss with his/her Team Members about whether or not the situation warrants an Official Warning or further action. Upon the decision for a Warning, the TL will issue the Warning on the page or thread, copypaste it to the situational thread in Admin, and notify Disciplinary. Upon the decision for further action, Disciplinary will take over and discuss the situation either internally or with Policy.

Disciplinary will have the power to issue TempBans ONLY. This rule is in place to subvert the power trip of wielding the BanHammer! The only personnel who will have PermaBan are the Shadow Ops TL and myself.

As mentioned way above, there is only one course of action for perceived harassment of any kind, and that is to directly report it to the Harassment Team. Harassment will handle it.

Side note about the Harassment Team's protocols…

The Standard Protocol does not apply to Harassment Protocols. Under no circumstances are Harassment cases to be discussed openly. Harassment will, however, post Situational Reports to the Admin forums as to let the victim of said harassment know that we're proactively doing something about it. The reason for this; many sites, forums, and even social media networks don't do fuck all about harassment cases. Even when they do, they don't inform the public that things are being handled.

The SitReps will, under no circumstances, reveal the names of the victims. Once resolved, the offender's username will be posted and the thread closed. We will handle every case on its own. If one "creeps" in 2015, and again in 2016, there is no addendum. It's a new case.

None of this, BTW, is to say that the teams can't cross-talk to resolve issues. TLs and Team Members aren't confined to their own sub-forums and whatnot.
Fuck, I don't wanna be THAT restrictive about it!

I hope none of this discourages any of you from still wanting to help out here. It'll pay off in the end, believe me!


Here, TLs are Moderators. On the main site, TLs will be Administrators. Team Members will be Moderators on main site and Members here.
We're all joined up. Ready to get this shindig started?

[As soon as everyone confirms that they've read this page in the most recent thread for Announcements, I'll Archive this page.]


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