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Origin: Runes of Havok
Type: Humanoid
Homeland: Varythel, Everfrost
Requires pXP? [y/n]: Y; tons
Racial Data
Other Names: Aen, Mystics, Benders, Shades, Remnants
Sub-species: Unknown
Genders: Male/Female
Average Lifespan: 400-500 years
Average Adult Height: 7 ft.
Average Adult Weight: 150 lbs.
Crest-Cord Colours: Slate gray, Dark gray, Light gray, Gunmetal, Jet
Eye Colours: Silver (common), purple (common), teal (uncommon), maroon (uncommon), green (rare)
Racial Traits
Natural Strengths: {$strengths}
Natural Weaknesses: {$weaknesses}
Birth Type?: Live
Family Type?: Large families, often clan formations
Known Powers
Known Abilities

The Aen are a mysterious and ancient race that dwell in the desert region of Everfrost.

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